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About us

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Online marketing agency with social roots

Timm & Pimm was founded in 2011. We witnessed the arrival of Instagram and Snapchat and the departure of Google+ (and Twitter). Along the way, we transformed from a social media agency to a full-service provider for online marketing.

The small core we started out with, is now a team of 20+ Timm & Pimm specialists. We shifted our focus to a data-driven approach without compromising on quality. Or on the vibe. The vibe is sacred.

Our team!

Martijn Harpe
Commercial Director & Founder

Living in the fast lane while driving his slow scooter. Was born with a smartphone clutched in his hand.

Alexander Rutges
Managing Director & Founder

Our ‘senior’ is always in control, except when we blast his fav songs.

Mijke de Vette
Strategist & Advertising Specialist

Doesn't like labels, but started one anyway. #REV

Madelin Hiddingh
Strategist & Creative

Timm & Pimm’s first. Loves soccer and meat.

Claudia Bertijn
Content Creator & Project Manager

Famous for her resting bitch face. Luckily, she's always busy.

Annika Elschot
Content Creator & Project Manager

Sustainability means the world to our foodie Annika. Obviously we are careful with her too.

Jelle Tromp
Projectmanager & Advertiser

Makes Timm & Pimm great again!

Larissa Sas

Red haired girls are the best. Especially when designing!

Maarten Bosma
Data Analyst & Advertiser

Data king and office dietician. Calculates his nutritional values in Excel.

Maarten Labots
Content Creator & Copywriter

Long story short? We are content with our creator Maarten L.

Maroussia van Ees

Loves to (photo)shop. Her designs are even more hardcore than her taste of music.

Mette de Hoon
Growth Hacker

Growth comes with time. Our Growth Hacker knows it like no other.

Peter Oostra

Timm & Pimm's eldest. Wins every pub quiz and has nightmares about the table of 7.

Denise Kooistra
Strategist & Advertising Specialist

Has no discipline. Until she arrives at the office. By cab.

Our favourites from this week

  • Friday afternoon song Duke Lake - Do you
  • Drinks Champagne
  • emoji 🤡
  • Lunch Hamka's chips

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