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RTL Live Entertainment

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RTL Live Entertainment creates, develops and produces tailor made entertainment events.

Challenge & Approach

Within RTL, online marketing had long been playing second fiddle to television. At the end of 2015, the production company asked us to help build and expand its digital division with the overarching objective to boost the online sale of tickets to large events.

RTL Live Entertainment has resigned itself to its role of content producer. Creating content takes little effort, but making results transparent has proven to be more difficult. By distributing content effectively and selectively among its target groups, we help RTL through the maze. Our marketing strategy outlines a clear path to achieving the online goals. For events such as Let’s Dance, Gabbers and Healthy Fest, we do not focus on conversion alone; through branding and engagement, we build a relationship with the fans.



By measuring and optimizing our advertising continuously, we manage to connect with (potential) fans at increasingly lower costs. As a result, RTL can sell out its events on a lower budget. In other words: we achieve the maximum return on minimal online marketing expenses and still have a full house, literally!

The team

Denise Kooistra
Strategist & Advertising Specialist

Has no discipline. Until she arrives at the office. By cab.

Mijke de Vette
Strategist & Advertising Specialist

Doesn't like labels, but started one anyway. #REV

Maroussia van Ees

Loves to (photo)shop. Her designs are even more hardcore than her taste of music.

RTL Live Entertainment’s verdict

“Timm & Pimm has helped us to better identify the target audiences of our events. With new, valuable insights into the behavior of our audiences, we are now able to optimize our content resulting in a far more effective online marketing approach!”

– Joyce Mense, Marketing Manager

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