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Schiphol Airport

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Schiphol Airport is the third largest airport in Europe. In 2016, 63.6 million passengers traveled to and from Schiphol.

Challenge & Approach

Schiphol wants to become Europe’s preferred airport. Online visibility is an important spearhead in the pursuit of that ambition. The biggest challenge? Mapping, unifying and refining the goals and target groups of the various divisions of Schiphol. In October 2015, we were asked to draft an umbrella strategy. In addition, we restructured the monthly reports and analysis and frequently help out with creative campaigns and online content.

Interviews with Schiphol employees and visitors and internal strategic sessions with all divisions combined with qualitative, quantitative and desk research provided a clear picture of Schiphol’s present situation. These results formed the groundwork for a vision and mission statement on online marketing. These provide the framework for the online marketing plan that details the goals, targets and agreements that apply to all divisions.

The results

  • Growth Fanbase 2016 (+14%) +53.234
  • Interaction +64%
  • Average interaction rate +6%
  • Reach (+53%) +197.000.000

Together with Schiphol, we outlined an overarching strategy to bring focus and a solid footing to each of the divisions. We developed several control tools – such as decision trees and a Schiphol benchmark – to support the divisions in evaluating (online) campaigns and content.

Together we monitor the strategy and implementation of the online marketing plans. Monthly reports and meetings will continue to focus on results and insights, continuously driving adjustment and improvement of existing content and posts as well as the creation of new ones.

The team

Madelin Hiddingh
Strategist & Creative

Timm & Pimm’s first. Loves soccer and meat.

Claudia Bertijn
Content Creator & Project Manager

Famous for her resting bitch face. Luckily, she's always busy.

Schiphol’s verdict

“This plan helps us to clarify for the respective divisions that the chosen structure contributes to our targets and sets the waypoints for us to stay on track. All divisions subscribe to the importance of having a unified structure and approach. We can now suffice with guarding and maintaining that framework and optimize it where possible.”

– Martje van de Kamp, Senior Online Advisor Schiphol Group

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