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Sky Radio

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Sky Radio is the #1 non-stop music station in the Netherlands with the best hits by the biggest artists.


When Sky Radio’s Social Media Manager left, the station asked us to take over its role temporarily and to provide support with our social media expertise. The biggest challenge? To upgrade its strategy.



An important requirement that comes with our assignment is to safeguard continuity. To that end, we temporarily embed a Social Media Manager on-site. Working regularly with editorial staff helps us to quickly familiarize ourselves with the brand. In addition to creating content, we train the people at Sky Radio. We increase their knowledge of social media and advertising and advise on how to better reach and expand their target groups online.


By embedding a Social Media Manager with Sky’s editorial team, we maintained operational continuity. Following a comprehensive strategy, we help lift the social media channels of Sky Radio to a higher level. Based on our relevancy model for advertising, we provide strategic advice to reach even more online audiences.

Sky Radio’s verdict

“Social media are complementary to radio. It is the way we communicate with the listener. We are therefore very pleased that Timm & Pimm answered our call when our Social Media Manager left. With their critical analysis and social media expertise, they provide guidance to help us meet our online goals and advance our online presence.

– Reshma Bainathsah, Final Editor Online