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Specsavers Opticians has an international network of over 1700 shops, of which 118 are in the Netherlands

Challenge & approach

In May 2015, Specsavers engaged us to take on social content creation and web care management with the goal to safeguard a positive sentiment around the

With innovative content we manage to reach a large audience and to engage and expand the fan base. Within a few months Specsavers entrusts us with more responsibilities. We contribute to strategic planning and convince them with our advertising approach. The collaboration with Specsavers is open and transparent: we attend internal meetings at Specsavers and they sit in on our creative brainstorms on a regular basis.


  • Facebook posts 711
  • Instagram posts 228
  • Growth in reach 12x
  • fan base (from 98,000) 129.000

Partly owing to our involvement, Specsavers Netherlands is in the forefront of social media marketing. The Scandinavian head offices – among others – now closely look at the Netherlands to lead the way; not only by applying innovative content, but also adopting our relevancy model for advertising.

The team

Annika Elschot
Content Creator & Projectmanager

Onze foodie Annika vindt duurzaamheid belangrijk. Wij zijn natuurlijk ook heel zuinig op haar!

Specsavers’ verdict

“The Timm & Pimm team has taken on the entire social marketing role. The big advantage here is that with all its specialists Timm & Pimm is far more all-round than one full-time social marketing specialist could be. With tailored content, the team knows how to connect with our target audience at the appropriate moments when the members of our audience are open to communication. Timm & Pimm feels like an extension of our own marketing department, making for a very natural cooperation.”

– Sander ter Haar