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Public media corporation VPRO is recalcitrant, thought-provocative and creative. It combines intelligent entertainment and idiosyncratic journalism with explorative content and genuine curiosity.

Challenge & Approach

In order to better brief third party suppliers and communication agencies, VPRO was looking to bolster the social media knowhow of its marketing & communication division and editors. They asked Timm & Pimm to share their expertise on advertising and analytics in trainings and workshops for their marketing team.

The courses are tailored to the needs of the marketing team and focus on social advertising, optimization and reporting. The emphasis is on Facebook advertisement, Google Analytics and Google Adwords.  Following the success of these workshops – and at the request of VPRO – we covered content creation in workshops for the editorial boards of the VPRO as well. These trainings were adjusted to fit the proficiency and requirements of the editors.

The results

  • In 3 months 4 workshops
  • Trainers 4
  • Participants 75

With our workshops, VPRO’s marketing and communications departments expanded their knowledge of social advertising, optimization, reporting and Google Analytics and Adwords. They are now better able to direct external agencies, to ask the right questions and to manage and execute their own social media efforts. The editorial staff now know how social media can be used to promote and improve television and radio programs or websites.
Within the space of three months, we organized four specific workshops with four trainers and a total of 75 participants.

The team

Martijn Harpe
Commercial Director & Founder

Living in the fast lane while driving his slow scooter. Was born with a smartphone clutched in his hand.

Mijke de Vette
Strategist & Advertising Specialist

Doesn't like labels, but started one anyway. #REV

VPRO’s verdict

“Timm & Pimm offered trainings tailored to the needs of our marketing communication- and editorial departments. They combined their expertise with a strong ability to identify and understand the challenges that we face. This enabled them to convince our positive but critical-minded employees of their social marketing skills. In addition, they kept themselves available for any questions that would arise later.”

– Diederik Hoekstra, Marketing Manager