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Our approach

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Here’s how we roll

Your company wants to communicate online with its target audiences as effectively as possible. That requires a strong foundation- a foundation that we build on knowledge and insights and use to establish the golden circle, your mission & vision and ambitious but realistic target and objectives. We then test the validity of our premises and set up your brand strategy. What follows is a continuous process of execution, analysis and improvement. This chain of steps is illustrated in the schematic below.

We do not work alone. We act as a hub connecting strategists, producers and data analysts. We are the director, making sure each message is delivered to the right person.

Relevance model for advertising

With the model outlined below, we use all available information to continuously optimize your online advertising.

You pay good money for your efforts to reach people, making it all the more important that you target those people that have an interest in your content. Our relevancy model for advertising helps you to compose a core target audience, consisting of people visiting your website or community or (even more specific) read your content.

We're running your digital marketing