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We’re running your digital marketing.

In order to create successful online marketing, we first analyze your company’s current online situation offset against the newly defined objectives. The gap between the two will be the basis for our strategy. A plan in which objectives, target group, channels and targets come together. We do not believe in plans set in stone. Online marketing calls for flexibility and a plan that continuously adjusts to the situation.

We have no magic wand to create virals. We combine available data with our creativity to produce content. We never work by ourselves. In team brainstorm sessions we find ways to creatively apply (sometimes boring) insights from the data in our content. Our advertising specialists see to it that the content finds its way to the intended audience. Our community managers interact with your fans daily to stay tuned into what’s going on among your target audience.

Our trick of the trade? Systematic and structured testing, measuring and optimization. We work with closed systems (landing pages), pixels, tags, and analytics to collect as much relevant data as possible. Our analysts provide the translation to commercial impact by sharing the most important insights with the creative team.

We also share the results in the form of custom reports. Your objectives determine the indicators that we include and the shape and form of your report. We also use our own benchmarks. Why? Because the huge number of variables makes comparing with others too complex. The point is that you do better than before, not necessarily better than your competitor. Our reports are not so much records as they are action plans for the next month. The lessons learned translate directly to adjustments in the strategy.

A big event, a temporary discount, a completely new product. An online campaign will get you more visitors, visibility and/or website visits within a given timeframe. Based on your requirements and budget, we outline the entire campaign from creative concept to execution. We rarely work alone on these projects. Based on the deliverables, we form a team complemented with external specialists. We also work with transparent goals and targets. During the campaign, we monitor the data and adjust course if and when necessary.

Do you have a campaign running now that you want to broadcast on social channels as well? Copy/paste never works! We can make the translation to social media to guarantee your message come through on all channels.

Want to master online marketing like a boss yourself? In collaboration with Frankwatching, we developed a comprehensive line of training courses for online marketers, social media managers, content creators and advertisers.

Available courses

  • General social media: comprehensive insight in the workings of different channels, content deployment, Facebook algorithms, the importance of advertising and targeting.
  • Channel-specific Social Media Training: in-depth introduction, explanation and elaboration of features and potential of a specific channel: Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat.
  • Online advertising: detailed overview and explanation of the extensive possibilities of targeting and online advertising. Basic knowledge of advertising is a prerequisite for this training.
  • Google training: in-depth course on the deployment and operation of Google Tags, Google Analytics and SEO.
  • Custom training: naturally, we can tailor a course to meet your specific training requirements. The content of our courses is always current, so you can put the lessons learned immediately to use.

Are you the sole online marketing specialist in your department and in need of a sparring partner? Or do you want to strengthen your and your team’s knowledge to the point where you can manage the channels yourself? Do you have an online marketing plan ready, but is the implementation still a challenge? Let us know what you need and we will find the team to support you!